Serious gaMes for digitAl Readiness of waTer EducatioN

Digital forums have been launched to the front of business and social venue applications, as the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated transformations in how people interact. A more proficient and targeted use of digital platforms will remain key to many sectors, even in a post-pandemic future.

SMARTEN is an Erasmus+ project based on serious gaming models, to support digital transition and readiness, with focus on higher education, professional training, and the water sector. The two-year project is centered on smart management of water resources which are vital to life and development. Promoting a digital educational environment of equity and inclusion, and strengthening strategic cooperation between higher education institutions and business partners in the European water sector can contribute to more efficient management of limited water resources.

Get involved with SMARTEN to help shape a future of new digital interactions. Education, water resources and nearly every other sector of the EU depend on a readiness to communicate and apply information across evolving digital landscapes.

SMARTEN aims to benefit higher (digital) education on water




Intellectual outputs

SMARTEN aims to generate and share innovative digital interaction practices based on serious games in education, with target benefits in the water sector – in line with European environmental and climate goals.

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