Augmented Collaboration Toolkit

The Augmented Collaboration Toolkit

Led by H2O-People

Duration: 2021-09-01/2022-08-31


Applying augmented collaboration tools in the water sector and in water education is a key step towards equipping early career professionals and future water-sector professionals with new skills in digitalization and readiness to adapt to emerging challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the need to accelerate this digital readiness.

The augmented collaboration toolkit is being developed to support trainers and teachers within higher education and LLL programs, as a support for serious games to create a shared narrative, and for the skills to work in digital environments. It has been jointly designed through the academia and Lifelong Learning programs.

The toolkit is created using:

  • Digital tools: Miro, GroupMap and How space.
  • Collaborative skill development tools: InterVision (peer-coaching) methodology, Deep Democracy (Lewis) and Culture Mapping Tool (Erin Meyer)

The target audience:

A range of stakeholders is in focus including educators, students, practitioners, experts, specialists, decision-makers, and researchers.

The deliverables:

An augmented collaboration toolkit which connects virtual collaboration tools and tools for skill development, which will support the learning experience of serious games within the water sector.


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