Case Studies for research-based learning with serious games

Case Studies for Research-Based Learning

Led by UTH

Duration: From 01-09-2021 to 31-08-2022


By introducing different case studies, SMARTEN will deliver data and information on updating SDGs at both European and global level, while bringing advanced scientific data on the Nexus under the influence of climate change.  The pathway to achieve this, includes activities on analysis of stakeholders, identification of best practices and development of a methodological approach for seamless learning through virtual, blended, and physical interactions; development of teaching and training digital content; self-evaluation multiple-choice quizzes for learners; tools for stakeholders’ engagement; demonstration, validation, evaluation, and dissemination of the developments. These will lead to the implementation of serious games in water education and lifelong learning, including upgraded water-related curricula of the partner universities with teaching and learning modules that include water-oriented serious games.

The targeted audience:

The target groups are university students and teachers, who are usually well-trained when it comes to the technical issues but lack the knowledge of the system complexity formed in a social system with conflicting interests and different resource use patterns. Target groups also include citizens, policymakers and young professionals who may be involved in lifelong learning programs.

The deliveries:

SMARTEN will deliver an innovative product that deals with the SDGs and will interact with a range of interested citizens-scientists, researchers, and students. The material created will be highly transferrable, as it will be digital and will be tested in various settings and countries facing different realities. All modules will be designed in a way that will take into account cultural differences in order to make them transferrable.

SMARTEN Factsheet WP3 

The intellectual output3 (IO3) can be found here: IO3-Case studies for research-based learning with serious games

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