Digital Gamified Workshops

“Zoom fatigue” is a new term for declining energy and focus as a result of numerous online sessions during a day. Several measures can help reduce this effect, including balancing types of activities, frequent short brakes, assigning roles in discussions, letting students lead online activities, and making space for fun with gamification. Educators need to reinvent their teaching approach towards forms of collaborative active learning – with the proper tools to make it rewarding for both students and teachers.

Professional group facilitation through productive workshops is the best approach to developing an effective collaborative culture between teachers, students and other stakeholders. However, many European education and training organizations do not have the resources or desire to hire effective workshop facilitators, so other types of assistance have more potential.

The main learning goal of serious games for training is to stimulate optimization and motivate users to solve problems empirically. Preliminary game experience shows that most trainees do a poor job of identifying problems that need to be solved. They instead tend to employ a trial-and-error method of exploring outcomes of different interventions, without noticing the causes and effects. Improved learning paths can be created with professional facilitation in strategic use of ICT and virtual collaboration tools. The three serious games within this scope are: SIM4NEXUS, SIMBETHEL and eCity.

The deliverable is IO1-Digital Gamified Workshops

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