e-Learning modules for serious games

E-Learning modules for serious games

Led by UNI

Duration: From 01-03-2022 to 30-06-2023


Due to the COVID-19 challenge, education leaders must swiftly design responses with specific contexts in mind transforming traditional learning into online using e-modules. It is needed to establish effective forms of online education that will free up institutional capacities and resources in order to redirect their focus on delivering alternative (online) learning methods for students and LLL practitioners. Online learners should be motivated to take the course, to complete the course or to come back and attempt to do better. Adding game mechanics in course designing and behavior-based solutions can be solutions to immerse learners wisely. On the other hand, using a Learning Management System (LMS) with robust reporting and analytics will help us to track online learner performance and e-learning effectiveness.

The targeted audience:

E-modules for serious games will be developed to motivate online learners (teaching staff, students, and professionals from water sector) to succeed and inspire them to achieve their true potential. In order to build skills, online learners should overcome a series of in-game obstacles.

The deliveries:

Using developed SMARTEN e-modules for serious games will have as a result that online learners get the immediate feedback, they need to identify areas for improvement. Also, they can see the outcome and repercussions of their behaviors before they enter the real world. Defined serious games methodology, way to get learning objectives and add game mechanics can help researchers to easily implement learning strategy in their scientific field different from water by taking the developed SMARTEN e-modules and their customization to their needs.

SMARTEN Factsheet WP4
Check out the deliverable here IO4-ELearning-modules-for-serious-games


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