SMARTEN in Water Projects Europe

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The Water Projects Europe event took place online on 16 June in Water Innovation Europe 2021 with “Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart society” as the key topic for this edition. The aim of this Water Europe dialogue was improving research and innovation in the future of the water sector.

Naomi Timmer presented the SMARTEN project, its opportunities for digital collaboration in the water sector, and the next steps. “We have already entered a challenging new world with impacts of the pandemic and climate change transforming the way we learn and work.  Applying results of serious games in education to address emerging needs of the water sector while supporting European goals on environment and climate, will help lead the way with less time lost in trial and error searching for what works in facilitation for the future. We are looking forward to the results from our new SMARTEN project though Erasmus+” said Naomi.

A number of other European future-focused projects were also presented during this session, with a brief emphasis on their contribution to the European water sector, as well as issues with potential to hinder their execution. This resulted in the session opening a forum for exchanging and creating synergies among European stakeholders.

SMARTEN (Serious gaMes for digitAl Readiness of waTer EducatioN) aims to support and enhance digital transitions in our fast-evolving education and water resource sectors to better adapt to pandemic and post-pandemic working conditions. Find out more at

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