SMARTEN participation in WORKSHOP: Human Capital – Collaboration in Digital Space

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Join the Working Group on Human Capital with the SMARTEN Erasmus+ Project to learn and sample new tools for digital collaboration, while exploring the opportunities it brings for a sustainable human capital agenda for the European Water Sector.

Online platforms are the ‘now’ avenue for collaboration and human capital development. Many of the current digital interaction formats will remain after the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to their rapid and wide use.

As collaborative digital environments are needed for virtual collaboration, trainings and workshops become key skills and support for the water sector. To ensure the development towards a Water-Smart Society we need the right research and innovation to create a systemic transformation. An open approach to skill development and creation of a different collaboration mind-set to connect, engage, and collaborate will benefit this aim.

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– Introduction & Check-In
– Collaboration in digital space; Beyond Virtual Meetings
– Transformations needed in the water sector – Working together in GroupMap​
– Play to learn, the power of an online water quiz – using Mentimeter to engage
– Collaboration pains – support dialogue and minority knowledge by Deep Democracy and HowSpace
– Human Capital support of the (digital) Water Oriented Living Lab – brainstorming in Miro​
– Closing


Naomi Timmer
H2O People

Zakhar Maletskyi
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Chrysi Laspidou
University of Thessaly

Julia Rinck


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