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H2O-People B.V. (The Netherlands) develops and executes lifelong learning programmes for personnel in the water sector. We work on the development and implementation of unique programs aimed at development, connection and cooperation of talent = natural quality and potential.Participating professionals in our programs have developed a broader scope in the field, the various organizations, the other and themselves and he/she can be as effective in behaviour and organizations that are committed to a better living environment.

We strive for an overarching of existing initiatives and concepts, and the scope for the development of new stories. The personal attention, commitment and expertise are paramount. Where not only the interaction with our participants is central but also offers space for an inspiring interaction between trainers and program office. We believe in partnership with our participants, and from connectedness creates a nicer living environment. Programs that focus on the link between the content of the work within the physical environment, the projects and personal development is our expertise.

The European Junior Water Programme

The European Junior Water Programme is the flagship programme of H2O People. The programme aims to build a community of young European water management professionals who share a deep commitment to addressing today’s and future water and climate change issues. It is designed with Water Europe and other partners in the water sector to provide participants with the tools, the skills and the appropriate co-creation and cooperation network to find new solutions and share knowledge to create and maintain a sustainable and safe water management system in Europe.

Our ability to develop cross-cutting skills generates integrated programmes for new water managers with the capacity of working in a systemic way, which is a challenging requirement in the water sector to effectively respond to the needs of changes in the needed transformations such as circular economy, climate change and digitalization.

H2O-People in Erasmus+ Projects

H2O People is also a partner in the SPIRE-SAIS (2020-2023), Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis – A Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry Erasmus+ Project. In which new educational modules and tools for greater awareness of the needs and opportunities provided by improved industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency will be developed. New skills, including digital skills, for the practical implementation of industrial symbiosis in globally competitive industries, will be identified that anticipate the skills requirements of industry and allow proactive, practical activities to meet the future skills needs of the Energy Intensive Industries in Europe and beyond.

H2O-People contribution in SMARTEN

Naomi Timmer will be the main developer and multiplier of the LLL approaches and tools within the Augmented Collaboration Toolkit. H2O-People will also take care of the general communication of the project and will coordinate the training and events work package. As developer and executer of the EJWP, leader of the Working Group Human Capital within Water Europe and contributor to the SPIRE SAIS project identifying new skills and gaps and connect them to the stakeholders is the main contribution. She brings a focus on human capacity development and the use of social innovation and soft skills in an integrated approach.

The H2O People team is responsible for the WP2/O2 (Augmented Collaboration Toolkit), coordination of WP5 (Training and multiplier events) and the coordination on communication and dissemination within WP6.

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