“Bringing together young water professional from SMARTEN consortium” SMARTEN first training of in Nis, Serbia

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SMARTEN first training took place in parallel with EJWP2 training week in Nis, Serbia. Participants from SMARTEN consortium (NMBU, H2OPeople, University of Thessaly and University of Nis) joined this week to explore the potentials of SMARTEN augmented collaborative tool and serious games. Many activities took place during this week including the workshop “Risks arising from digitalisation in the water sector, managing risks”. In this workshop, Groupmap was used as a digital collaborative platform where participants brainstormed many aspects related to this issue then vote to prioritize the related risks and finally suggested the necessary actions to decrease these risks. Another interesting activity was SMARTEN multiplier event “Digital Gamified Workshops for Water Education”. To wrap up this week, Naomi Timmer from H2OPeople, the leader of WP2, provided a training on the collaborative skills development tools. She presented the Deep Democracy Method as well as Cultural Mapping. The first method promotes inclusive decision making and ensures the integration of all voices while the latter provides an outline difference in cultures based on eight scales and also a roadmap to overcome these difference and facilitate collaboration.

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